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Equipment and Software can work

Side By Side

Credit Card Terminal

We have partnered with the very best technology companies so we can provide you with the very best processing equipment available.  

The Sunshine Payments Gateway

The Sunshine Payments Gateway allows you to manage ANY payment type on a single platform, saving you both money, AND time.

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Whether you need a simple payment terminal, or a full blown POS system, we have the best partners in the industry, so you always have access to the equipment you need. 

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Our Payments Gateway

The Sunshine Payments Gateway

SunshinePay is not just a payment processor; it's a comprehensive solution crafted to elevate your payment experience. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, our platform is tailored to meet your unique needs. Join the ranks of businesses that have unlocked the potential of seamless and secure payment processing with SunshinePay—where every transaction is a step towards success.

The Sunshine Payments Gateway

Gateway Features

Advanced Fraud Protection

AI Fraud Protection

Industry- leading, AI-driven fraud prevention for eCommerce, mCommerce, and card-not-present transactions.

Cash Management

Cash Management

We don't just process credit and debit card transactions, you really can manage ANY payment type on our platform.



Your customers, clients, or patients can now pay you through a secure payment  link in a text message.

eCommerce payment processing

eCommerce Integration

Enjoy seamless and secure online transactions, providing your customers with a frictionless shopping experience on your website.

Customer Credit Card Vault

Card Vault

Safely store customer card information for convenient and secure re-billing, streamlining your subscription and recurring billing processes.

ACH Transactions

ACH Transactions

Seamlessly process electronic payments through our ACH transactions. Experience efficient and cost-effective fund transfers, enhancing your payment capabilities.



Send professional and customizable invoices directly to your customers, improving communication and expediting payment cycles.

Quickbooks Plugin

Quickbooks Plugin

Achieve greater efficiency by seamlessly syncing your payment data with your QuickBooks account, reducing manual entry and minimizing errors.

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