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Processing Fees Shouldn't Be Confusing...

Payment processing fees can be way too confusing, and we don't like that.

We keep our pricing simple and transparent, so you always know what you're paying, and can feel confident that you're getting a great deal!

Other Processing Company's Fees

As High As



There are lots of reasons for this...

read on to learn more.

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Your Fees With SunshinePay

Never More Than:


And Usually Less!

This can equate to hundreds of dollars per month!

Here's a Little More Detail

Many processing companies charge fees as high as 3.95% (or more) of ALL your business' revenue from credit cards!


At SunshinePay, we've made a commitment – we never charge more than 3% for processing, and it's usually a lot less than that.

SunshinePay customers consistently save hundreds of dollars every single month on processing fees. By choosing SunshinePay, businesses retain more of their earnings without compromising the quality of service they get from their payment partners.

Another thing a lot of business owners don't realize, is that processing companies don't have direct access to a payment gateway. This means their costs are higher, which means, they have to charge their customers more. 

This is what makes SunshinePay so different. We aren't just a processing company, we're also the Payment Gateway. Which means, our costs are lower, and our customers SAVE Money!

The Sunshine Payments Gateway

Cut out the middleman, and save hundreds of dollars by partnering with SunshinePay!

The Sunshine Payments Gateway
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