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A SunshinePay Gateway Feature

The SunshinePay Payments Gateway offers a convenient solution to our preferred merchants with our TXT2PAY® technology.


You can securely request and receive payments via text and get paid up to 10 times faster than other payment means. Simply talk to our sales team to enable this service.


Get caught up on your overdue invoices, and get paid faster!


Ready to Learn More About TXT2PAY?


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Why Not Emails?

Invoices sent via email have a low open rate, and a slow open rate. With SunshinePay's TXT2PAY® feature, you can request and receive payments faster, safer and simpler while decreasing transaction time and improving customer satisfaction. Pay by text is a true contactless payment solution.

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Eliminate Data Security Risks

Emails can pose security risks and are not PCI compliant. TXT2PAY® offers the highest level of PCI compliance to keep customer data secure. The integration manages customer data, saving preferred payment methods and adding speed and security to any text to pay request.


Additionally, we manage compliance and regulatory requirements such as PCI, Nacha, TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

Make it Easy!

  • No Integrations Needed

  • No Downloading New Apps

  • No New Passwords to Remember

Create and Manage text Conversations in an easy to use portal

Create payment requests with:

  • Custom instructions

  • Custom Topics

  • Payment expiration date

  • Defined Merchant Fields


It's completely customizable. 

Plus, you can see a text preview before it’s sent to a customer.

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Receive Payment and Send Receipts Automatically

Customers expect fast, simple and secure commerce experiences from the convenience of their mobile devices; with no app to download, no login or passwords to remember.


A link is sent via text with instructions to add payment details. It’s that simple.

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